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Personal Protection Review

Do i need insurance and what purpose does it serve?

insurance-puzzle--w224h149 Explaining the need for insurance can often be difficult and a lot of people can find it hard to justify spending money on something that isn’t tangible. While there will always be some people that never need to claim we have the statistics to show just how many do throughout their working life.

Our aim is to work with you to come up with a plan and keep you on track to meet your goals and objectives. Putting adequate insurance cover in place is the first step to ensure that if something goes wrong you and your family can still meet those original targets. We as Australians wouldn’t dream of not insuring our motor vehicle or home so it makes perfect sense that we insure both ourselves and our ability to earn a living.

Finding the right insurance cover

insurance---circle--w225h224 Insurance can be a tricky proposition and at Phalanx Financial Services we can help advise you on an appropriate personal protection plan. Insurance should be utlised to keep you on track to meet your goals and objectives should something happen to you or one of your family members.

We can look over any existing arrangements you may have then ascertain what changes we feel should be made to set you up for the future.

Which insurance company should i go through?

insurance-family-lifestyle--w224h149 This completely depends on your current situation and can vary significantly based on your occupation, age and previous medical and family history. We work with a range of providers and will be able to find the most appropriate policies for you and your family based on the information provided.

Working with you from start to finish

couple-seeking-insurance--w225h150 From the initial review of your current situation and insurance arrangements we will work with you to create the most appropriate insurance plan. This involves discussions while being underwritten by the insurer and making sure you know exactly where things stand.

Once accepted we will then conduct a review periodically to establish whether the cover remains appropriate and if any changes should be made.

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