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Creating your retirement lifestyle

Heading into the unknown

retirement-sign--w224h187 Most people have no idea how much money they need in retirement, how much they are likely to spend or how long they need to work before they can retire. We can help take alot of that uncertainty away by working with you to establish a plan to maximise your retirement benefits and allow you to live the life you desire.

We can project what retirement may look like and give you a number of scenarios to consider providing you with clarity about the future.

Centrelink advice

retirement-couple--w225h150 Need advice on how to structure your position prior to applying for the Age Pension? We can help with to achieve the best results for you and explore any other concessions that may be available. We can also help complete the paperwork with you and ensure its accuracy.

Aged Care

aged-care--w225h160 If your about to begin using an Aged Care facility or looking for a loved one we can help with some of the questions that may arise. We can work with you to make a plan and know exactly what to expect and how any fees or bonds are charged.

Centrelink advice

estate-planning--w225h337 We can help assist in creating an effective will and alert you to any shortcomings that may not have been considered. We will work with you to ensure you structure your position effectively and ensure the right people are making the right decisions on your behalf.

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